Welcome to the 1 German-Netherlands Corps (1GNC) Purchase & Contracting website

On this site you can find useful information on how to do business with 1GNC. In principle commodities and services are procured through Simplified Procurement procedures and/or International Competitive Bidding (ICB), depending on the estimated value of the award.

Simplified Procurement Procedures

Below the amount of € 160.000,- the simplified procedure applies.

It is used when the estimated award value is below the threshold requiring ICB (i.e. below Level D of the Established Financial Limits, currently € 160.000,-).

Depending on the amount, either a single tender is sufficient (up to € 20.000,-) or solicitation from at least three providers (up to € 40.000,-) or at least five providers (up to € 160.000,-) is necessary.

Bidders from 1GNC’s participating nations will be enabled to make an offer in accordance with the bidding instructions included in the respective solicitation package.

International Competitive Bidding (ICB)

If the value exceeds 160,000€, formal procurement will be the appropriate process, consisting of International Competitive Bidding and Proposals.

ICBs are opened to firms that

  • originate and are chartered/incorporated within 1GNC’s participating nations that provide the funding for the requirement stated in the ICB, and
  • maintain a professionally active facility (office/factory/laboratory, etc.) within 1GNC’s participating nations.

Since “Integrity” as a core value is of the utmost importance to 1GNC Purchasing and Contracting personnel, we have to observe a “zero tolerance” policy with regards to gifts or offers of hospitality, meaning we can not accept any type of gift or any offer of hospitality. Suppliers are therefore expected not to offer them. Any item received from vendors, even of nominal value, will be returned to the vendor or donated to charity.

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