Tax Office

In order to guarantee that 1GNC members and their dependants receive the various tax exemptions they are entitled too, the HQ runs a Tax Office as part of the Community Office. The Tax Office is intended to assist you in all tax related matters. Besides, it is responsible for issuing personal Ration Cards and Fuel Cards.

Tax Office can assist you with: 

  • Support you by informing the respective companies about your special status
  • Assist you in doing the necessary paperwork
  • Enable the purchase of tax free fuel

Ration Cards
Enable the purchase of rationed tax exempted goods at the 1GNC Exchange Retail Store.

VAT exemption
As member of one of the other participating nations, contributing to this headquarters, you and your family are entitled to participate in the HQ’s VAT-free procurement.
It is also possible to receive services free of VAT, e.g. from public utilities.

Tax Free Fuel
ARAL Fuel Cards enables you to purchase rationed tax exempted fuel.

HQ Exchange Retail Store
As an International Military Headquarters, 1GNC is entitled to receive deliveries and services without paying value added tax and may establish an exchange retail store for the benefits of its personnel. 1GNC operates a non-profitable exchange retail store, selling highly taxable and rationed goods, which means alcohol, perfume and tobacco products.