The German educational system is different in many ways from the ones in other European countries. The federal states are responsible for the way school education is organised, which means there are differences from state to state but some generalisations are possible: 

  • Every must complete at least ten years of education. 
  • There are no general school fees for state schools or denominational schools.

International school

QSI International School of Münster
They provide education to international families and local German citizens with permission to attend this school. The international families attending QSI Münster are either affiliated with the NATO corps or international companies with offices in Münster. The children attending the school are able to continue their education while away from home in an atmosphere that celebrates and supports all cultures. The teachers are credentialed educators who are fluent in English language and make it a priority to teach with QSI’s Mastery Learning and Success Orientations.

QSI International School of Münster is a member of Quality Schools International (QSI), a consortium of nonprofit college-preparatory schools following an American-style, international curriculum. QSI International School of Münster embraces the mastery learning educational philosophy, leading to appropriately challenging instruction within a positive and enjoyable learning environment.

QSI International School of Münster
Salzmannstrasse 152
48159 Münster

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German school system

Elementary School
School education starts with 4 years of elementary school (Grundschule), at the age of 6, where the subjects are the same for all children. 

Secondary Schools
After the first four years, the children progress to secondary education. According to their academic ability, the wishes of their families and the recommendation of the teacher, a secondary school (Hauptschule), intermediate secondary school (Realschule), comprehensive school (Gesamtschule) or academic high school (Gymnasium) is chosen.