The Community Office works in close co-operation with several estate agencies throughout Münster. We can suggest a variety of houses and apartments and are able to support you in the following areas of concern:

  •  arranging appointments for showings
  •  accompanying you (vehicle is available)
  •  negotiations with landlords/estate agents
  •  translation/explanation of rental agreements

To take into consideration, when looking for an accommodation:

  • In Germany houses and apartments are unfurnished, as a rule.
  • Kitchen cabinets, electrical appliances, etc are only very rarely provided and normally have to be procured by the tenant. Still, it’s our aim is to find dwellings where kitchens are included.
  • The rent consists of “Kaltmiete”, the basic rent, and “Nebenkosten”, additional cost, both to be paid per month.

Residence permits
There is no need to register at the city’s receiving office. Your big advantage is coming under the NATO Status of Forces Agreement, which means you don’t need a residence permit.

Community Office provides a Certificate of Status instead.