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Day of Values at 1GNC: A Special Success

The Bundeswehr’s annual “Day of Values” at 1GNC was a significant event, spanning two days of insightful discussions and reflections on the core values that guide us as soldiers. Organized and led by Lieutenant Colonel Hellerforth, this event provided a deep dive into the principles that define us.

On the first day, Lieutenant Colonel Hellerforth, dressed in historical uniform, delivered a passionate introduction and an engaging lecture. His presentation emphasized the importance of values such as courage and loyalty in our daily work and service.

The second day took place in Handorf with our StSptBn and featured a lecture by Dr. Tauber, former State Secretary in the German Federal Ministry of Defense and a reserve officer. Dr. Tauber discussed the importance of our oath and the values it represents in today’s world. The day concluded with a lively discussion session, allowing participants to explore these values further.  

We sincerely thank Lieutenant Colonel Seifert (Cdr StSptBn) and Lieutenant Colonel Hellerforth (G5) for their outstanding organization and dedication, which made this event a valuable experience for participants of all ranks.