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1 German-Netherlands Corps assumed responsibility as NATO Response Force (NRF) land component for 2023 in a ceremony at the headquarters in Münster, Germany. The NATO land headquarters is now on-call to respond on short notice to a crisis, contingency, or operation. 

1GNC takes over from Rapid Reaction Corps (RRC) of Lille, France, who had the mission for all of 2022. The headquarters was declared combat ready during Exercise Steadfast Jupiter 2022 at the Joint Warfare Center in Stavanger, Norway. 
”In 2022, our exercises were focussed on a conflict against a peer competitor, and Exercise Steadfast Jupiter 2022 in Stavanger was the final exercise for 1GNC for our certification. The team demonstrated professionalism and determination. As a result, we as 1GNC, mastered all the tasks given to us and that makes me proud of you all.” – Lieutenant General Nico Tak, Commander 1 German-Netherlands Corps

The NRF was established in 2002 to provide the Alliance with an immediate and credible response capability for the range of military operations. Though it has evolved over the past 19 years, readiness remains at its core. The decision to use the NRF requires political consensus taken on a case-by-case basis by the North Atlantic Council.

”1GNC, you assumed the role of NRF for 2023. Your ability to provide the Alliance with a swift and credible military demonstrates that the Alliance is more unified than ever to defend and deter adversaries.” – U.S. Army General Darryl A. Williams, COM LANDCOM

1GNC as a multinational corps with Germany and the Netherlands as framework nations already fulfilled the role four times before. In an annual rotation of nine headquarters, the assigned headquarters must be able to deploy a staff and command post in days in order to lead allied land forces – up to 100,000 service members.

”Our HQ is ready to be deployed whenever and wherever needed and we will take every opportunity to challenge and develop ourselves.”


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