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Lieutenant General Nico Tak, commander 1GNC, led a delegation from the corps to participate in ARRCADE LIONHEART. This event, held on 5 July 2022 at the London Science Museum, was hosted by the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC) and focused on Multi- Domain Operations in the Urban Environment. ARRCADE LIONHEART brought together experts in urban operations from across NATO, academia, think tanks, industry, and non-governmental organisations. In addition to supporting its fellow NATO corps, 1GNC participated in recognition of its commitment to leading the thinking and implementation of Multi-Domain Operations within NATO. Panelists focused on the operational-level challenges presented by military operations in urban terrain and examined Multi-Domain Operations as a way of surmounting them. This examination focused on defining the challenge posed by urban operations and war amongst the people, offensive and defensive operations in urban terrain, and the way ahead for Multi- Domain Operations within NATO and with regard to urban operations. Observations from the ongoing war in Ukraine were incorporated throughout the program, often by participants who had recently returned from that theater. 1GNC will continue to lead the way in the development and implementation of Multi-Domain Operations by building upon its participation in this event and strengthening its partnership with the ARRC and other formations throughout the Alliance that are working towards the implementation of Multi-Domain Operations. It will also build upon the partnerships it has built through COMMON EFFORT to ensure that accounts for all relevant aspects of civil society when conducting operations.