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1GNC as professional training platform: the foundation

This week the MEL/MIL Workshop for the exercise Cougar Sword 22, where 1GNC will act as professional training platform, took place with representatives of the training audiences and the planners of 1GNC. The term MEL/MIL stands for ‘Main Events List’ and ‘Main Incident List’ of an exercise. In essence, MEL/MIL scripting is the content of the exercise along all phases and it is intended to create the training outcomes. Starting with the storylines, which are an overall depiction of key injects as they relate in time through the duration of the exercise execution. The storylines and key injects should be targeted at achieving the prioritised training objectives which are critical to lay the framework for the MEL/MIL development. Cougar Sword 22 will be an exercise to certify the staff for their task as NRF 2023. At this exercise they demonstrate that they are a highly capable joint multinational force. To assess this highly complex scenario, it has to be developed by the planners of 1GNC in close coordination with the training audiences. During the exercise different staff departments all have to work together and that requires an accurate portrayal of combat, combat units, air force as well as the opponents, political framework, the press and civil-military cooperation. The goal of the scenario is that the training audience is challenged to its limits during the exercise, so they will be properly prepared for their task as NRF next year. The MEL/MIL workshop this week laid the foundation of the exercise Cougar Sword 22. The next step follows in September, when the injects are going to be scripted and the scenario of the exercise comes together. When all goes as planned, official certification is granted!