Visit of Cyber Commanders

/Visit of Cyber Commanders

Sharing information and opinions in the field of cyber-operations and discussing how three organizations can cooperate in this field; it was an important meeting on 16th of January at the headquarters of 1 (German/Netherlands) Corps.

Lieutenant General Michiel van der Laan had invited the Commander of the Dutch Defense Cyber Command, Brigadier General Hans Folmer, and his German counterpart, the designated Commander of the Cyber and Information Command, Major General Ludwig Leinhos.


General Folmer: “Highly sophisticated attacks on digital networks, not only in Germany and the Netherlands, have been common for a while already.” “In a hybrid environment we increasingly will be confronted with threats in the fields of Cyber and Information”, adds General Michiel van der Laan: “We will have to adapt to that.”

Since 1995, German and Dutch IT specialists have been working together successfully within 1 (German/Netherlands) Corps’ Communication and Information Systems Battalion in Eibergen (Netherlands). Thus it seems logical that, with the Corps’ track-record as professional training platform, 1GNC will closely co-operate with the Framework Nations cyber-commands wherever possible.