This was 2019!

On stand-by for the NATO Response Force (NRF)

2019 was characterized by our NATO Response Force (NRF) stand-by period. As the Land Component Command we were ready to lead military operations rapidly, decisively and comprehensively. Our main exercise during this stand-by phase was exercise “Noble Jump” in May and June. With us, over 2500 soldiers and 1000 vehicles from Germany, Norway, the Netherlands and Poland took part. The Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) tested its ability to defend in an emerging crisis. After the initial alert, testing a rapid deployment, the exercise culminated in different live firing exercises. This again showed NATO’s sustainable and credible crisis response capability and its commitment to Deterrence and Collective Defence.

German Leopard 2 tank arriving at Zagan Military Training Area for “Noble Jump”

Exercises, Exercises, Exercises

Another milestone was “Common Effort” in October. Over 60 different NGOs and IOs came together with local activists, government representatives and soldiers to share knowledge on how to comprehensively resolve or, even better, to prevent a conflict. In 2019 we decided to start with a three-year focus on the Sahel region. Our Commander, Lieutenant-General Alfons Mais, summarized the idea of this exercise: “We have to get to know each other, before we need each other.”

During “Xenon Sword” in November, together with 1st Armored Division (DEU), 13th Light Brigade (NLD) and Brigade North (NOR) we trained operations in a NATO article 5 high intensity warfare scenario. We ended the year with “Griffin Seminar”, the first ever German-Dutch Leadership Seminar.

In addition to these exercises, there were many others in which we provided significant support: NATO Georgia Exercise, Brave Beduin, Trident Jupiter, Cyber Coalition and many more.

As always we could rely on our Staff Support Battalion and Communications and Information Systems Battalion. Next to their own exercises, they prepared our “Green Days”, where we improved our individual readiness, and supported all HQ projects – from force protection to logistics to information technology.

Other events

But there was even more. Events like “Storming of the Corps”, the “Corps Bivouac”, the yearly “Summer School”, our participation in the “Tag der Bundeswehr” and different visits by NGOs showed our strong relationship to the city of Münster, its citizens and civil society on the one side and our transparency on the other. As a multinational unit with soldiers from 12 different nations we are proud of our shared values and norms – and we like to show this to the outside world.

The annual Corps Bivouac – A great event to spent time with friends and colleagues

Thank you for a great 2019 – see you 2020!

Communitate Valemus!