Start of Common Effort 2016

/Start of Common Effort 2016

The first morning of the Common Effort Exercise started of with a plenary introduction, one delivered by Mr Andre Haspels, the Director General of Political Affairs (MOFA NLD), another by the Director of NATO CCOMC Nico Tak.
Skype enabled a brief from the NLD Embassy in Tunis, while a Crown Media production delivered a visual introduction to the chosen scenario.

This evening’s key note speeches still have to be delivered, but the six syndicates have closed today’s sessions already. Under the lead of qualified facilitators, the very diverse discussion groups bundled knowledge and experience focusing on the topics of Security Sector Reform, Protection of Civilians, Governance, Humanitarian Situation, Economic and Private Sector and finally the Strategic and Regional Perspective.

We’re getting to know each other before we need each other.


Side note: The next civil cooperation will start this summer. The so called ‘Summer School’ is a cooperation between our Corps, the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster and Universität Regensburg hosted by the Headquarters of 1. German-Netherlands Corps. The purpose is to exercise and experience the Comprehensive Approach in the Civil-Military Cooperation Area and to develop a mutual understanding.