Reservist Day 2017 at 1 (German/Netherlands) Corps

/Reservist Day 2017 at 1 (German/Netherlands) Corps

About 70 reservists of 1 (German/Netherlands) Corps accepted the invitation from the Deputy Commander and Commissioner for Reservist Affairs, Major General Stephan Thomas, to participate in this annual information event. He opened the information day with a briefing on security policy.

By presenting and examiningDSC_5823 the contents of the White Paper, he deduced the role of the Corps within the security parameters of the Federal Republic of Germany and its future challenges. This set the tone for the subsequent briefings of the morning, with which representatives of the divisions J3 and J7 informed the participants in detail about the missions of the Corps, including the related exercises and projects and the resulting employment options for the reservists.

During the subsequent break, there was plenty of opportunity for the reservists to discuss personal matters and plans for 2017 with their responsible personnel representative of the respective division.  Also reservists not earmarked for reserve duty training attended the information day to inform themselves about their possibly new designated unit.In the afternoon, the programme was opened by the Commissioner for Reservist Affairs in the Army, Colonel Bernd Holthusen. He briefed the audience about current topics as well as future fields of action of the Army reserve and subsequently answered the questions in the ensuing discussion.

DSC_5822The briefing of the retired Captain and reservist Wendland on the role of the reservists from the perspective of the Representative Body of the German Soldiers (Deutscher Bundeswehrverband) completed the series of briefings on this day.At the end of the day, Major General Thomas used this special occasion for promotions, awarding decorations and saying farewell to some people.

1 (German/Netherlands) Corps in Münster will again execute a reservist day next year.