Logisticians hone their skills

/Logisticians hone their skills

1 (German/Netherlands) Corps’ Joint Logistics Support Group (JLSG) exercised last week in the JLSG Coordination and Training Centre (JCTC) in Garlstedt, Germany. The exercise comes at the half-way point of the JLSG’s stand-by phase as logistical element for 1 GNC. “It is important for us to maintain our capabilities”, says Lieutenant Colonel Yánez, who designed the exercise. “On this retention exercise we bring both our staff officers and augmetees together to get everyone up to speed.”

”The JLSG relies heavily on augmentation”, continues the Spanish officer. “And we have some experienced colleagues, while some are joining us for the first time. This is a valuable opurtunity to get them up to speed, integrate them into the staff and get processes synchronised.”

As Yánez looks out over the Joint Logistics Operations Centre, of which he is also the chief, he expresses his pried in ‘the team’. “They are all really well prepared. Everyone is up to speed with the latest procedures and our augmentees integrate really easily. It’s as if they have been with us in Münster for ages.”

Bundeswehr Logistical Training Centre

The retention exercise is the first time the JCTC was used. This permanent infrastructure offers logistics elements the opportunity to train without having to build up an entire Command Post. Also, in future, the complex will be deployable for NATO. Yánez: “It offered us a great opportunity to run through some injects in a realistic environment. It was a good exercise.”