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COVID-19 code of conduct

For all 1GNC personnel: in the coming days and weeks it is expected that covid regulations will change due to the Omicron variant. 1GNC will monitor these changes in order to advise you on the changes. Feel encouraged to check these changes on a daily basis but especially before returning back to Münster in January 2022.

  • At first: follow your own national guidelines.
  • Check the current applying  German regulations for Nord-Rhine Westphalia on a regular basis via
  • Restrictions regarding the entry and travel to Germany from areas of virus variant of concern: VirusVar201221

As regulations are changing, 1GNC will update code of conduct on this website for all 1GNC personnel to support their travel back to Münster and the conditions under which we will perform in the weeks to come.

——————————UPDATE 06 JANUARY 2022———————————–

Upon your return to the HQ it is mandatory to adhere to the following procedures:
1) Full immunisation status (2G): If you are fully vaccinated and/or recovered, regular testing procedures apply. Testing at HQ will be mandatory on Mondays/Wednesdays 0700-1000. On Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays self-testing will continue. You may enter your office without previous testing at the HQ in-house testing station.
2) Incomplete vaccination status or lack of proof thereof: it is mandatory to get tested at HQ test station first. It is not allowed to enter your office or the HQ building without a negative test report approved by GMED.
In case of questions concerning your return from your home or vacation area please refer to the above-mentioned links
RKI risk area indicator
Regulations also apply to spouses and children