Common Effort 2016 Academics

/Common Effort 2016 Academics

Today the first Academics for Exercise Common Effort 2016 (CE16) took place in the Headquarters of 1 (German/Netherlands) Corps. The aim of CE 16 is to enhance further understanding of the multiple dimensions  and  complexities  of  present-day  crisis  situations, (joint)  operations  and to promote the Common Effort Community which contains more than 25 civilian organizations. The exercise  supports  the  achievement of Internal Initial Operational Capability  (IOC)  as  a  Joint Task Force Headquarters Land (JTF HQ (L))  on  the way to JTF certification.

The exercise will be conducted from 27th of June to 30th of June. The primary Training Audience (PTA)  will  be  the  participating Common Effort Community members, invited civil and military stakeholders, 1GNC Subject-Matter Experts of the branches and invited leadership.