Citadel Bonus 2016

/Citadel Bonus 2016

Exercise Citadel Bonus 2016 is the final preparation exercise for our sister headquarters of Rapid Reaction Corps France (RRC FR) before Trident Jaguar 2017 which is their certification as a Joint Task Force Headquarters (JTF HQ) just as it is for our Corps.

Citadel Bonus 2016 is the fifth step of collaboration with RRC FR on the road to becoming a JTF HQ. The training support 1 GNC delivers now will be reciprocated during Ultimate Sword 2016 in December.

The 15 subject matter experts from our Corps that are supporting Citadel Bonus 2016 will act as the higher level of RRC FR. It provides 1 GNC the opportunity to train own skills and gain knowledge on the JTF HQ level.

We wish our sister Corps ‘bonne chance’ and are confident that their preparations will lead to a successful exercise next year.