1 (GE/NL) Corps certified as Joint Task Force (Land)

/1 (GE/NL) Corps certified as Joint Task Force (Land)

During exercise Trident Jaguar 2017, 1 (German/Netherlands) Corps was certified by the NATO Joint Warfare Centre to conduct Small Joint Operations Land-centric as a Joint Task Force (Land) or JTF HQ (L) in short. The JTF HQ (L) and Joint Logistics Support Group have proven to be highly capable in joint operations. Joint operations encompass more than just boots on the grounds, boats afloat and planes in the air. Modern Warfare presents new faces of war: cyber, gender, civil-military interaction, fake news, et cetera.

1(GE/NL) Corps conducted its operations in the fictional Skolkan region where it was deployed to the country of Arnland. On the brink of degrading in to a failing state, Arnland was in desperate need of political and military support. That is, up until the point where the Arnland Security Assistance Force (ASAF) was invited by the Government of Arnland to create security and stability for its citizens and the entire Skolkan region. This is where 1(GE/NL) Corps comes in! Thanks to the integrated model, operating on the joint level, the Joint Task Force was able to perform swift and decisive actions, successfully persuading and coercing rogue elements to come to speaking terms. On the road to certification as a JTF HQ (L), 1(GE/NL) Corps conducted exercises Truthful Sword 2016, Ultimate Sword 2016 and finally Trident Jaguar 2017. During these exercises, 1(GE/NL) Corps used, for the first time, the Land Command and Control Information System (LC2IS) as well as TOPFAS and gained experience in the modus operandi of the Allied Component Commands in a joint environment in order to enhance flexibility and interoperability.

Should NATO call upon 1(GE/NL) Corps to conduct Small Joint Operations Land-centric, then it is fully capable to do so.