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September 2015

August 2015


mid 2017 for the duration of one year

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September 2013

Change of Command

from Lieutenant-General Ton van Loon
to Lieutenant-General Volker Halbauer

July 2013

September 2012

March 2012

November 2011

September 2011

March 2011

May 2000

March 2000

Change of Command

from Lieutenant- General Karsten Oltmanns (DEU)
to Lieutenant- General Marcel Urlings (NLD)

February 2000

August 1998

August 1997

Change of Command

from Lieutenant-General Ruurd Reitsma (NLD)
to Lieutenant-General Karsten Oltmanns (DEU)

August 1995

Inauguration of 1 (German-Netherlands) Corps

In 1995, the 1 (German/Netherlands) Corps started off with great festivities. Media covered every single move of this United. Commanders and politicians repeatedly emphasized the importance of a close cooperation; the Corps was exemplary for Europe’s way to future.
Assumption of Command: Lieutenant- General Ruurd Reitsma (NLD)