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The Common Effort Exercise 2017 will take place from 29 May to 02 June 2017 in Berlin. The organisation of the event is a joint effort by our civilian partners and 1GNC. Common Effort 2017 consists of a 3-day Joint Exercise and High-Level Event to build and promote effective interaction between governmental, non-governmental and military organisations, for a safer and more secure world.





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as signatories and observers to this statement launching the Common Effort Community, coming from
government, civil society, the military and private sector in Germany and the Netherlands as well as others
interested from within the UN and other countries
are convinced that it is our common concern to contribute to a safe and secure world in which men and
women live with dignity enjoying their universal human rights
are aware that conflicts and fragility generally result from a complicated interplay of diverse, but often
interrelated factors, such as economic (lack of jobs and income), political, social, cultural and religious
aspects. Recent history shows that this interplay can easily lead to a lack of identity amongst youth, poor
basic services, weak state structures, unable or unwilling governments, which eventually can generate
fundamentalism and extremism
conclude that sustainable solutions for fragility and conflict can only be achieved with a comprehensive,
whole-of-society approach, comprising a wide range of governmental and non-governmental actors,
internationally as well as in the country at stake; and that the UN, the international civil society and the
international military organisations that work in the field of humanitarian aid, reconstruction, development
and peace building should interact in an effective manner, while respecting each other’s mandate, in order to
address the multiple dimensions of fragility and conflict
intend to build and expand relevant networks to combine and coordinate efforts, expertise or
experience; to train, learn and share knowledge and experiences to improve our understanding of
fragility and conflict, including also local security dynamics and perceptions of civilians in conflict areas,
which will also enhance our strategies in the field of Protection of Civilians; to develop and evaluate our
concepts and approaches by formulating and implementing yearly Action Plans that translate this
Statement into concrete joint actions, wherever needed and whenever possible within the capacities and
mandates of each and every signatory; to promote public and political support in Germany, The
Netherlands as well as in other countries and with international forums like NATO, EU and the UN for the
Integrated (comprehensive) Approach.


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