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Common Effort 2017 Workshop

Even though the actual event in Berlin is still months away, the preparation and analysis for Exercise Common Effort 2017 is in full swing. This week, our partners from the Common Effort Community visited 1 [...]

Common Effort Hot Wash-up

Nowadays conflicts increasingly have become more complex. What is the most efficient and effective way to find lasting solutions, which experts or organizations have the necessary knowledge about the social and geographical environment, about the [...]

Start of Common Effort 2016

The first morning of the Common Effort Exercise started of with a plenary introduction, one delivered by Mr Andre Haspels, the Director General of Political Affairs (MOFA NLD), another by the Director of NATO CCOMC [...]

Common Effort 2016 Academics

  Today the first Academics for Exercise Common Effort 2016 (CE16) took place in the Headquarters of 1 (German/Netherlands) Corps. The aim of CE 16 is to enhance further understanding of the multiple dimensions  and  complexities  of  present-day  [...]

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